PMIP 2017, Stockholm
25-29 September, 2017

1st PMIP4 conference

25-29 September 2017
The Swedish Museum of Natural History
Stockholm, Sweden

The Stockholm PMIP4 conference will gather the whole community together for the first time since the launch of the fourth phase of the Paleoclimate Modelling Intercomparison Project. It will provide the opportunity to

  • discuss progress since the last PMIP meeting in Namur in 2014
  • look at initial results of the new PMIP4/CMIP6 simulations
  • review the status of new data syntheses needed for model-data comparison and model benchmarking
  • share expertise on best and innovative practices to combine insights from models and data to both better understand climate and assess model performance.

The conference will be centred on the activities of the thirteen working groups. These working groups exist to foster and coordinate efforts that cannot be readily completed by a single researcher. The conference will consist of poster sessions for researchers to highlight recent group activities and their individual interests; several invited and/or selected talks to demonstrate the working groups’ activities; and keynote speakers to highlight the broader picture around PMIP. The latter portion of the conference will be devoted to organising the future activities and direction of the working groups.

The conference will provide opportunities for early career scientist (ECS) to develop their networks within PMIP. They are strongly encouraged to attend the conference to contribute fresh ideas and help shape the activities of the different PMIP working groups.

Important Deadlines

Abstract submission (and ECS funding applications) is closed.

Conference registration is closed.

Registration fee payment - 25 August 2017